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What our Patients are Saying

Lisa(76), St. Louis

I was having severe back pain from muscle spasms. My family physician prescribed muscle relaxants, pain pills and eventually injections into my spasming muscles. None of these treatments relieved the pain. My back hurt so badly that I didn't care if I lived or died. Dr. Julie Hereford at CORE was highly recommended to me. She performed an evaluation and found my neck to have severe issues which was causing my pain. A CT scan of my neck and upper back confirmed what Dr. Hereford suspected, herniated discs in my neck. My back was overcompensating for the weak neck and causing severe muscle spasms along my spine. Spinal surgery was performed by Dr. Paul Young. The recovery period for the surgery was about 6 weeks. I returned to CORE for physical therapy. Dr. Hereford and Mary Rollins worked extremely hard to help me heal and regain my strength over the next few months. I recommend CORE to everyone who needs physical therapy. It is a blessing to find people who genuinely care about my well-being.

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