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Treatment Approach

At CORE Services we utilize a multi-disciplinary approach to develop a unique treatment plan for each patient. Our approach not only addresses a patient's current symptoms but also identifies and resolves other contributing factors. In our years of experience, we find that there are often unidentified underlying issues that contribute to symptoms. CORE evaluates a person's entire body and considers: movement patterns, gait, posture, joint mobility, asymmetries, and much more. This approach often allows us to successfully treat clients who have not found relief with other practitioners. 

Our treatment approach is fundamental to achieving client goals. We not only treat our patient's current symptom, we identify underlying factors that contribute to the symptoms. Patients often tell us that our initial evaluations are the most thorough evaluation they have received from a health-care provider. This is a key component to enabling our staff to develop a customized treatment plan to achieve each patients unique goals.


Our treatment approach is designed to:

  • Resolve Pain/Symptoms

  • Restore Joint Mobility: This means we make the stiff joints flexible so that you can attain a functional position that allows for normal joint and muscle function

  • Restore Posture: Posture is habit and it is directed by your nervous system in response to how your joints and muscles function. If your joints and muscles can’t move to a normal position, this needs to be fixed. Once we achieve normal positioning, it is a matter of re-training your nervous system to maintain a proper resting and restful position.

  • Restore Movement: Once individual joint segments can move through normal ranges, we begin to work with you to “turn on” muscles that are not functioning normally. This helps to you to be able to achieve normal movement patterns.

  • Restore Strength: After we have figured out why your muscles are not working together to allow you to move in a normal pain free manner. We work to inhibit over-active muscles and facilitate or “turn on” weak muscles. In this way, we can help strengthen all your muscles to allow you to move freely and safely through re-established movement patterns. 

  • Refine Skill: Once mobility, movement, and strength are restored, we will help you gain effective and efficient control over specific movement patterns, so you can generate the power necessary to move your body through space while performing complex, integrated movement tasks.

  • Return to Normal Activity: In other words, you will be able to return to the activities of daily living. 

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