HydroTrack Aquatic Therapy

CORE Services, Inc offers aquatic therapy using the Hydro Track which is essentially an under water treadmill.  Aquatic therapy makes exercise safely possible for those recovering from injury or in need of lower intensity or more stabilized exercise.  Our Hydro Track system provides a flexible, controlled aquatic environment for pain free exercise with the optimal stimulus for healing leading to restored mobility and faster recovery.

Hydro Track aquatic therapy provides a safe transition to land based strenghtening sooner for overall better outcomes.

Physiological benefits of aquatic immersion:

  • decompresses extremity joint spaces
  • creates spinal traction through vertebral unloading
  • reduces edema through hydrostatic pressure
  • increases blood flow to tissue facilitated by the heated environment
  • increases tissue extensibility including scar tissue
  • decreases gravitational forces
  • assists, supports or resists movement
  • decreases pain perception through sensory overload
  • improves cardiovascular efficiency
  • allows localized exercise focus of a full-body work-out

Conditions that would benefit from Hydro Track therapy:

  • post-op joints including total hip and knee replacement
  • spine pain and post-surgical rehab
  • restricted weight bearing status
  • acute musculoskeletal injuries
  • multiple trauma injuries
  • arthritic conditions
  • athletic injuries and sport conditioning
  • general deconditioning
  • obesity
  • lymphedema or sompromised circulation
  • scar tissue altering biomechanics or posture

For more information or to schedule an appointment contact us at info@coreservices.org or 314-647-4880.